Monday, January 2, 2012

How to Pack Up Christmas in Four Easy Steps

The mimosas are gone.  The tree is dusty.  Everyone is tired of Christmas.  Now for the chore you either dread or can’t wait to accomplish…packing up Christmas!  Here’s how Mima does it in four easy steps.

1.  First things first, locate what you didn’t you use this Christmas. 

Now ask yourself why you didn’t use it.  If what you didn’t use is worth saving (family heirloom, kids macaroni wreath circa 1985, etc.) – pack it in a clearly marked box and store somewhere AWAY from the Christmas decorations you want to continue to use. 

Now what?  Give away anything you don’t plan to use again.  It’s Christmas.  Make a donation.

2.  Next, before you start dismantling the mantel, take photos of the way your space is currently decorated both inside and outside the house. 

Print the photos and prepare to pack them with the decorations, lights, etc.  Next year you’ll remember which table was best for the crystal trees, how the lights finally ended up on the house, etcetera, etcetera.   

3.  Now you’re ready to pack the things you’ll be using again next year.  ***This step may require a trip to TargetJ.

a.  Get yourself several large clear plastic containers (i.e. Sterilite).  I like the seasonal containers with red and green lids.  If you can’t find these, chose clear containers with the same color lid so you’ll know those containers are designated for “Christmas” stuff.  ***Clear is key.  You will love, love, love it when you unpack next year.  Trust me on this.

b.  Pack each area or room in a separate box/container.   Do not mix decorations.  I repeat.  Do not mix decorations.  You’ll thank me for this next year.

4.  Have yourself a merry little cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Remember those little bottles of Bailey’s that someone left in your stocking???  This would be a good time to use them.

Did someone say…Valentines Day????

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