Monday, March 5, 2012

New Uses for Skype

The other day I was Sky-ping with Jack.  One thing lead to another.  He wanted to see his room at Mima's.  Okay.  I unplugged the computer, turned the laptop around and took Jack for a nostalgic tour of Mima's house via the webcam.

After verifying that his toys and things in his room were intact, we moved on to Papa's office.  Was Papa was working?  Yep, there he was.  Working away.

Next, on to the kitchen.  All was well.  What about the cat?  Where was Tippy???   

I was in the midst of making a DVD of Jack's favorite shows when he called.  I forgot that I had left the television on in the family room.  Whilst on our way to locate the cat Jack saw via the webcam that Octonauts was on.


I immediately saw my mistake but of course by that time it was too late to do anything about it.   I tried to walk away.  "Let's go see what Bridget is doing." I turned away from the t.v. and headed to the pantry where the dog is currently housed.

"Wait!  Wait, Mima!  I want to see Octonauts."  And then he said "please" so... what could I do?  I turned around, headed back to the t.v.  I proceeded to stand there for approximately 2.5 minutes, holding my laptop tipped a tad bit to the right and then rotated just bit downward so Jack could see the television in my family room.  This is dumb, I thought. 

So...I pulled the coffee table over toward the front of the t.v. and positioned my laptop so Jack could watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates (by this time Octonauts was over).  

Where was this child's mother, you ask?  See my next blog titled "Babysitting Via Skype." 

I sat in my family room and read, peaking every once in awhile to see if Jack was still there.  Yup, there he was, watching Jungle Junction on my t.v., via my webcam, via Skype to his computer.

Amazing.  Jack thoroughly enjoyed watching t.v. at Mima's while eating a bowl of Rice Krispies - two states away.  A great use of technology and just a little bit silly but we both had a great time! 

And my daughter got a few moments of peace. 

BTW...she was sitting next to him (most of the time).  I could tell because I could feel her rolling her eyes.           

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